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About us

About us

The printwear industry is a dynamic space driven by successful risk-takers, dreamers and artists with distinct opinions and perspectives. In such an equitable environment it can be challenging to discern one truth from another.

Created by Gildan, the Board of Decorators™ is a resource, providing invaluable business-related insight through thought-provoking, inspiring and educational content created for decorators by decorators. One voice, created from many.

At the helm of The Board of Decorators™ will be a consortium of 10 industry voices selected from a broad cross-section of the printwear space. Tapped for their extensive experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and distinctive point of view, the members help to create this website’s directional content.

This is the Board of Decorators™

  • Introducing Board of Decorators™ Chairman Anthony Corsano

    Anthony began his career in 1980 as a junior sales representative with ANVIL® and worked his way up to become the President and CEO of the company. In 2008 he earned the distinction of being awarded the Metro New York Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® Award for outstanding entrepreneurship. Then, in 2012, he led the sale of ANVIL® to Gildan for $88 million and then took on the role of SVP of the Gildan Lifestyle Brands division where he remained for six years.

    More recently, Anthony has switched his focus to the decorating sector as President of Operations at Bolt Printing and Embroidery in Brookfield, Connecticut. He attributes the company’s resounding success and high customer satisfaction rate to their unique sales proposition and early adoption of an ecommerce model.

    Anthony was selected as chairman for many reasons including his extensive experience, distinctive point of view, strong belief in collaboration and teamwork and his ability to drive change.

    As Chairman of the Board of Decorators™ Anthony will provide leadership to the board members while they create editorial content to help shape the future of printwear.