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4.3 Oz/SqYd 100% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton

Board Members

Take Your Seat on the Board

If you're an industry game changer who's innovative with inks, community-centric & passionate about the future of printwear - then this is the space for you.

Sound and Fury. Keeping Us Honest.

Matt from Sound & Fury, describes his love for screen printing: from being a mad scientist with inks, to all the fine details (‘the pressure, the speed, the angle’ ). He loves pushing boundaries.

Anthony Corsano: The Value of Hard Work

What are Anthony’s secrets to his success? Learn how Anthony turned a combination of hard work and a love of people into an impressive career in the decorated apparel industry.

Midnight Supply Company: Making Memorable Nights Out

Christine shares her story of how her passion for music and band merch have led her to owning a print shop today. From merch coordinator to print shop manager to print shop owner, Christine continues to be fueled by this passion and seeing her clients’ businesses grow.

Akade Kollection Brand: Finding Who You Are

Christopher shares how he has found beauty in his mistakes and how they’ve led to strengthening his identity and growth for his t-shirt printing business - Akade Kollection Brand.

Relentless Merch: Makers and Artists

Matt discusses his passion for apparel decorating. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Matt was always the maker whilst his brother Nathan was always the artist and musician. Discover what new piece of machinery for t-shirt printing he invested in and hear why he’s so excited about embroidery.

Make A Tee Online: Turning Ordinary into Artistry.

Meryl tells of her love of helping people and ‘turning ordinary into artistry’. She loves being challenged and taking risks with business and shares why she invested in a direct to garment machine in 2011.

Culture Studio: Every Print Order is An Opportunity

Culture Studio is dedicated to being the best in the t-shirt printing industry and so chased after some of the most high-profile clients in the world.

Industry Print Shop: Blood, Sweat, Mostly Tears

Tony discusses his passion for printing, music and art and his contentment in working with creatives in his community.

Threadbare Print House. From Setback to Success.

Based on my experience incorporating social media in my marketing, you are missing out on valuable opportunities if you don’t participate.

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