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3.7 Oz/SqYd 50% Polyester, 25% Cotton, 25% Rayon

Business Tips

The Trade Show Advantage

Trade shows are a nice opportunity to reconnect with existing partners, especially if they're in locations you don't frequent. That being said, you really want to make sure you're attending for new customers as well.

How to Start a Clothing Brand From Scratch

Looking to start a clothing brand from scratch but don’t know where to start? Read on to discover our clothing brand start-up guide.

Top Tips For Staging A Successful Fundraiser

In this fourth blog on fundraising, I offer some tricks of the trade that I have found make the process go easier and ensure the greatest degree of success.

Promote Your Fundraiser To Ensure Its Success

Word of mouth happens organically; otherwise social media is a powerful tool for getting the word out to as many people as possible.

Ecommerce Platforms For T-Shirt Fundraisers Speeds Up The Process

For speed, efficiency and to reduce human error, automate your fundraising with a webstore.

T-Shirt Fundraisers Help Others While Building A Reputation in The Community

By Jennifer Badger

Adding In Options To Your Bundle Pricing

Bundles offer many advantages to customers and decorators alike. Here are some tips to putting together packages that will work for your shop.

Understanding Your Business Costs - The Difference Between Success and Failure

By learning how to accurately keep track of your expenses, you always have the information you need to make the best decision.

Keeping Your Print Shop Business in the Black

The best way to make sure you never run out of cash is to have a qualified professional reviewing financials on a monthly basis.

Increase Customer Satisfaction By Bundling Your Services

By combining your print, art and shirt options into packages, you take the guesswork out of ordering for your customers, saving them time and increasing their job satisfaction.

Setting Quality Standards In Your Shop

By establishing the goal to always do better in your shop, you ensure that employees are constantly evaluating their work.

How To Succeed In The Music Merchandise Market

By Christine Geromino, owner, Midnight Supply Co. Seattle

3 Tips to Better Employee Retention

3 Tips to Better Employee Retention

Coping with COVID: Make Employee Retention a Priority

Coping with COVID: Make Employee Retention a Priority

9 Tips to Find Direct to Garment (DTG) Friendly T-shirts

We’ve got the top nine qualities to look for (and avoid) to find the best DTG-friendly cotton T-shirts.

8 Growth Hacks from a Million-Dollar Printer

DJ Kinslow shares eight tactics that literally multiplied his revenues 10 times in just under four years.

DTG vs Screen Printing: Finding the Sweet Spot

Learn about the distinct advantages screen printing and DTG printing offer and how to determine which process is right for your shop.

4 Proactive Ways to Stay Profitable in 2021

As we enter 2021, here are four areas to consider quarterly to consistently improve your shop’s sales.

8 Industries Negatively Affected by COVID-19

Here are 6 ways your business may look a little different in the second half of 2020.

Explore The Wellness Side Of Health Care For Unlimited Growth

Explore The Wellness Side Of Health Care For Unlimited Growth

Coping with COVID: Keep in Constant Communication

Keeping in Constant Communication with Staff and Customers helps to maintain Valuable Relationships

Creating an Evaluation Checklist

Use this handy list to make sure you are checking every aspect of a shirt’s look and feel to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain your standards.

Help Bands Sell More Merch

Helping bands sell more merch may be your ticket to higher profits.

A Guide to Choosing Your First Embroidery Machine

Once you decide to offer custom embroidery, the biggest investment will be the machine. Here are some tips to consider when choosing your first embroidery machine.

The Best Way to Learn Social Media Is By Doing

Based on my experience incorporating social media in my marketing, you are missing out on valuable opportunities if you don’t participate.

Tips and Tricks for Successfully Printing DTG

This is the third in a series about getting started creating an online DIY design website and fulfillment using digital direct-to-garment printing. Read more.

Getting Started in Embroidery

Matt Richardson shares some tips and tricks for ensuring your start in embroidery is successful. Read more.

Recognizing The Importance of Branding

Know who you are and how to best communicate that to potential clientele. Learn about the importance of branding in social media marketing.

Getting Started Selling T-Shirts Online

Learn the first steps you need to take if you want to start offering apparel decorating services from a website.

Making a Difference in the Nonprofit Niche

Not only can you feel good about getting involved in the community and giving back, the nonprofit niche also can be a profitable market for your business. Learn more.

Tips to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Clear, well-communicated customer service policies ensure that staff knows how to handle the problems that most often crop up. Learn more

Finding Your Voice on Social Media

Nowhere is the advice to “Be Yourself” more important than on social media. Learn more.

Why You Should Consider Using an ERP System in your Shop

There are many advantages to be gained from using an ERP system in your shop. Learn about them here.

Getting Started with DTG Print on Demand

Learn the workflow process needed to produce print on demand using a DTG printer.

Exploring the Power Of Social Media to Promote your Print Shop

If you haven’t been using social media to market your shop, it’s time to start. If you have, here are some tips on how to improve.

Getting Started in Music Merch

Here’s how Christine Geronimo turned her passion and love for music into a thriving business.

Know Your Business Basics to Survive & Thrive

While you may be the world’s best at artwork, decorating techniques and print quality, without basic business skills you’re never going to survive. Let’s get back to the business basics with Anthony Corsano.

6 Ways to Add Shirts for a Cause to Your Lineup

Your decorated-apparel business is a platform you can use to raise awareness for different causes and social change. Keep these six points in mind when adding shirts for a cause.

How to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in Your Shop

Here are some ways you can implement diversity strategies in your workplace.

Elevate Your T-shirts with Custom Tags

Adding custom tags can help create the perception of retail apparel or private label garments. Here are 6 ways to creatively use them and generate a great profit for your shop.

How to Sell T-shirts to Museums and Galleries

Learn how TX-based Industry Print Shop has become an invaluable resource and a partner for the local arts community and how you too can tap into this market.

8 Ways to Make Sustainability Part of Your Business

There’s a corporate responsibility as well as a consumer demand for goods produced in a way that creates a lighter impact. Here are 8 ways Amy incorporates sustainable practices in her everyday business.

A Guide to Selling to Non-profits

Nonprofits are a huge market, both at the national and local levels. Here are five ways Meryl has grown her nonprofit client list over the years.

How to Support Your Music Clients Right Now

Rich believes there will be a long-term shift from selling the bulk of band merch at live venues toward a more immediate online buying experience. He shares 4 key ways you can tap into this new selling landscape.

6 Tips to Streamline Your Ordering Process

Scott Valancy shares 6 expert tips to help make your shop’s ordering process more efficient and keep it running smoothly.

A Guide to Large Order Personalization

Emmy Handen from Bravo Screen Printing shares some tips and tricks on how she gets large complex orders done and dusted

Pitching New Uses for T-shirts

Unprecedented situations, such as COVID-19, can result in a business shift. Here are some thought-starters for pitching new t-shirt business ideas.

COVID-19 Silver Lining Stories

3 Printshop Owners on How their Response to the Pandemic Has Created a Silver Lining for Their Companies and Communities

How to Handle Post-COVID-19 Employment Concerns

Here are 10 ways to manage COVID-19 employee communication and COVID-19 employee stress, with input from apparel-decorating shop owners.

5 Ways Decorators Shake Up T-Shirt Marketing

Decorators are revamping their t-shirt and apparel marketing in light of a pandemic-stricken economy. Here are 4 areas they’re finding key ways to serve customers’ new and morphing needs.

Handling T-Shirt Pricing in Our New Normal

Based on my experience incorporating social media in my marketing, you are missing out on valuable opportunities if you don’t participate.

Screen Printing Isn’t Dead

Veteran Printer, Dave Gardner, shares his thoughts on why he believes DTG printing will never replace screen printing.

Scale Your Shop with the Right Equipment

Here are eight of Jenifer Badger’s suggestions - based on her own experience scaling a shop—for purchasing new or used equipment.

6 Ways COVID-19 Impacts Screen Printers

A look at what the future may hold for 8 industries challenged by COVID-19.

Upselling Tips for Print Shops

Useful tips and hacks for upselling different services to your existing customers.

How to Match Customers to their Perfect T-shirts

Here are 7 tactics to match customers to their perfect t-shirts, starting with their very first order.

Overseas Orders

Marian shares how she got started with overseas orders and how she overcame challenges that came her way.

Working with PTAs

Here are Emmy Handen’s valuable insights on how she’s able to tackle these complex orders.

Customer Loyalty in 5 Proven Steps

Here are five steps that Marian Hinebauch recommends you take to create a loyal customer base.

7 Ways to Streamline Your Smaller Shop’s Operations

Whether you’re a startup decorating shop, a sole proprietor or a shop that’s had to downsize to a smaller staff, there are some key ways you can streamline your operations to stay competitive. Learn more.

Marketing Your Shop Traditionally

Zachary Traxler has gotten lucrative results from combining digital with traditional marketing. Today, he shares his tips on how to run a great traditional marketing campaign.

How to Handle Burnout

Jen Badger shares how she manages and adjusts her work patterns to alleviate stress, allowing her to rediscover the motivation for her craft.

How to Manage Your Inventory Like a Pro

Learn about the worth of having surplus stock, and how to go about it smartly.

Use Instagram to Turn Followers Into Loyal Customers

Here are eight key ways Dawaud Muhammad uses Instagram to connect with his exact right prospects—and turn them into loyal customers, who buy and refer his shop, on repeat.

The COVID-19 Business Game Plan Part II

In part II of this series, Mark Coudray shares tips and ideas on creating a plan that will strengthen your business and how to best prepare for the return to “normal.”

Veteran Printer Evolves To Survive and Returns To Help Others

Mark Coudray shares his story and conveys a strong message to those who may be struggling or fearful of what the future might bring.

The COVID-19 Business Game Plan -Part I

Based on my experience incorporating social media in my marketing, you are missing out on valuable opportunities if you don’t participate.

What’s Now? What’s Next? 6 Immediate Steps for Mapping an Uncertain Future.

Mitch Heiman, of Perrin Sportswear in Michigan, shares long-term thinking and short-term practical strategies for surviving the Covid-19 pandemic.

Online Fundraising Stores: Creating a Positive Impact

Adam Smith, of Lucky Prints, shares his thoughts on how retrofitting his company’s digital tools might help other businesses in Chicago—stay in business.

Asking Hard Questions Without Easy Answers

An interview with the Chair of the Board of Decorators on how print businesses doing the right thing now can also be doing the right thing for the future.

5 Core Team Members Every Print Shop Needs

Based on my experience incorporating social media in my marketing, you are missing out on valuable opportunities if you don’t participate.

Understanding Facebook’s Changing Algorithms to Reach Your Target Audience

Traxler offers six tips for mastering interaction on Facebook in 2020 with the newest algorithms

Creating an Employee- Focused Culture

Don’t lose sight of what really makes you successful— your employees. Tap into these nine tips for creating an employee-focused culture.

Helping Customers Come Up with Ideas

Before hitting the press, you may need to guide your customer in coming up with ideas - as some might not have the faintest clue of what the end product should look like. Today, Marian shares some of her best practices for guiding customers through their brainstorming journey.

Moving Leftover Product

Learn how you can limit surplus inventory and strategies you should consider when looking to convert slow-moving products.

6 Reasons to Expand into DTG Printing Today

Here are six reasons Dan Strickland knows DTG is a no-brainer for any print shop.

How To Grow Your Business

As someone who's started a screen-printing business, you’ve probably taken the sort of risks that make you an extreme optimist.

Selling to Clients who Don’t want T-shirts

Are you looking to reach new audiences or diversify your portfolio with new businesses? Zach shares some examples of inventive ways to win over new clients and strike new business deals.

Making the Most of Your Trade Show Experience

Dan shares his thoughts on how to get the very best out of tradeshows, as both an attendee and an exhibitor.

How to Manage Your Shop Remotely

Read Adam’s top tips on how to manage a business remotely and learn the importance of technology and staff training in this process.

Printing for High Schools

Printing t-shirts for high schools can be a treasure trove for decorators. Read more here.

Business Software for Print Shops 

Dawaud shares insights on the software he likes using, how it helps him, and how you can benefit from implementing business management programs yourself.

Understanding Blended Margins

One way to better manage your finances is through blended margins: Looking at your profits and sales channels as one, interconnected system - rather than independently.

Running a Screen Printing Shop with Family

Dan Strickland started Garment Gear 20 years ago together with his brother, Dallas. Today he happily shares some of his insights on how they manage their successful shop.

Collaborating with Local Art Communities

Through actively seeking collaborations with others, Jenifer Badger has pushed her own creative limits and opened new revenue streams along the way.

Creating Engaging Online Content For Your Shop

DJ Kinslow talks about the benefits online content can bring to your shop, and how you can get better at making your own.

Planning and tracking your production process

Based on my experience incorporating social media in my marketing, you are missing out on valuable opportunities if you don’t participate.

How To: Set Up Shop for the First Time

Jen Badger from Shine On Designs set up her apparel business in the basement of her own house in Iowa, starting completely from scratch. This meant she had to figure out how she was going to fit all this new equipment into her limited workspace. Not long after setting up, she outgrew her basement and had to relocate again, making her no stranger to thinking up a good shop layout. This has given Jen some helpful knowledge and valuable hindsight on what she wishes she k

Pricing Your Shirts

Based on my experience incorporating social media in my marketing, you are missing out on valuable opportunities if you don’t participate.

Working with Different Types of Artists

Every t-shirt design begins with an artist. Perhaps you have an internal art team, or you decide to bring on a freelancer. Maybe you have the opportunity to partner with a professional artist in the field. No matter, there are some good practices to make the process go smoother, and your designs better. Today we speak with Mitch Heiman, who has worked with a variety of artists throughout his career and shares some tips when it comes to working with artists.

A Guide to Tackling Challenging Orders

Emmy Handen from Bravo Screen Printing has built a loyal relationship with the same client for over 15 years: a local summer camp who request a new design every summer for their kids to wear. This means Emmy has to manage a relatively large order, for kids of multiple ages, who will be doing multiple physical activities — all while having to think of an original design every year. To say the least, it’s a challenge. But after doing it for many years, Emmy’s become qui

Simple Ways to Organize Small Print Shops

Jen Badger was completely taken by surprise when her one-person print shop took off. Now, ShineOn Designs has moved to a commercial space and gained another full-time employee which makes communication and organization a little more challenging compared to the days when Jen was working by herself. We catch up with her today to hear all about her top methods for keeping a small-scale business organized that are affordable, simple to use, and easy for any decorator to a

Finding a Niche Market: Street Style

When he was just nineteen, Dawaud Muhammad started selling t-shirts on the streets of Oakland. From there, he quickly realized that garment wear was what he wanted to do. Now, Dawaud runs Big Printing. And although he sells more through Instagram than on the streets, he’s been determined to keep street style at the heart of his business. We catch up with him to find out why he’s chosen to keep a niche market and why street style is so much more than a fashion trend fo

Understanding Your Customers

As a decorator, the wealth of potential customers can make it difficult to really know your market and understand your customer. For Marian Hinebauch however, this came naturally. Through intuitive decisions and incredible dedication, she was able to land a massive client order that radically changed her business. Today, Marian shares some of her best advice on how you can approach customer orders.

How to Scale Your Business

Scott Valancy is a long-time player in the printing industry and is currently taking his company, Tee Shirt Central, into its sixteenth year. Coming from a business background, Scott has both the know-how and the experience of running a well-oiled ship. We speak to him about his best advice for growing a decorating business, and how to keep up with the fast-paced industry.

Comparing Contract vs. Retail Printing

Most decorators will be familiar with this dilemma: do I go for contract printing or retail printing? Is it beneficial to do both or just specialize in one? Marian Hinebauch spent many years doing just contract printing but is now on a journey towards more and more retail projects. Today, she gives us a rundown of what she believes is the best, worst and most enjoyable aspects of each one.

Building a Relationship with Your Employees

The screen printing business is not always the most glamorous. As Anthony Corsano has found, sometimes this can make it challenging to attract and engage new and existing employees. However, there are many ways we can strengthen the relationship with shop staff from a more empathetic approach.

How To Build Your Brand

Following a successful few years of expansion across the country, Steve gives us some tips on how to build your brand.

Justin Lawrence: On Building a Subscription Based Company

“Treat people with kindness and integrity. Try to stay humble, and when you mess up - own it.

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