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Culture and Trends

T-shirt Trends for 2022 and Beyond

Wanting to keep up with t-shirt trends but don’t know where to start? Click here to discover the latest t-shirt trends and tips on how to keep up with them.

The History Of The T-Shirt: From Underwear to Printwear

The t-shirt is a wardrobe staple, but where did it come from and why is it so popular? Find out all about the humble t-shirt in this blog.

How The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol Is Changing Brands’ Ability To Assure Fiber Sustainability and Supply Chain Transparency

How The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol Is Changing Brands’ Ability To Assure Fiber Sustainability and Supply Chain Transparency by Gary Bell

Investing in Social Media Reaps Great Rewards

Based on my experience incorporating social media in my marketing, you are missing out on valuable opportunities if you don’t participate.

Entrepreneur Creates A Brand With A Powerful Message

Christopher Barnes wants everyone to feel like they contribute and he’s created a T-shirt collection to make his point.

2021 Industry Trends in Decorated Apparel

E-commerce ready, flexibility and diversity are three keywords that describe COVID survivors, and those who want to succeed in 2021.

Digital Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore in 2021

Digital Trends Prevail from Equipment to Communication. While analog is not going away, the digital age has truly arrived in the form of printers, communication, sales and marketing.

The Big, Post-Virus Push Toward E-commerce

New online buying patterns are dictating how decorators sell and process orders. Here are 4 ways to approach e-commerce.

10 Industries to Pitch Decorated Apparel to Right Now

Here’s a rundown on 10 industries to keep your eye on for decorated-apparel opportunities

Joining the Fight: Making Masks.

Learn how two small businesses are pivoting in response to the pandemic: Big Community Inspiration in a Small Mask!

Hot Garment Trends

Dawaud talks about some of the current trends in printing and gives advice to those looking to keep up with hot garment trends.

7 Streetwear Trends You Can’t Miss in 2020

If you want your business to be streetwear-ready for 2020 (and the advent of a brand-new decade), here are seven trends to watch in this year!

How Blankwear is Made

Anthony Corsano takes us through the manufacturing journey of how a small cotton boll transforms into the t-shirts you print on every day.

Mastering If-Win Printing for Sporting Events

If-Win Printing can be a great way to boost your sales! Learn all about this unconventional process here.

Finding Inspiration from your City

The location you choose to set up shop has a big influence on the printing jobs you’ll churn out. Your prints can be a reflection of your city’s long-standing history and culture, or the direct product of the events and business that are haute in your hood. Adam of Luckyprints, who lives and works in Chicago, can thank its humble and old-school culture for bringing him unique printing jobs. Today, he talks to us about how he prints for the city he knows best an

How to Choose Blankwear Cuts and Styles

Anthony Corsano tells us about the factors to consider when choosing among different blankwear cuts and styles.

A History of the Blankwear Industry

Based on my experience incorporating social media in my marketing, you are missing out on valuable opportunities if you don’t participate.

Forecasting Color Trends

To stay fresh and relevant, it is important to stock the right colors to match today’s trends. The challenge is making sure you present the trending colors to your customers and have product by the time trends are in full swing. The perfect solution in these cases is color forecasting: Predicting the color trends of the next season. Mitch Heiman from Perrin Sportswear has some insight on how to go about it.

Live Printing Events

Adam Smith from Luckyprints, Chicago, is an avid devotee of live printing events. Born in Georgia, Adam has always enjoyed the energy of fairs and community events. Eager to combine his love of printing with his Southern Hospitality, Adam has printed at live events for the past 4 years, which has also helped him drum up some helpful publicity for his business. We talk to him today about his experiences with live printing and what you can expect if you haven’t tried it

Mixed Media Printing

Using a variety of different techniques on one garment is becoming more and more popular. People are always seeking new ways to make their shirts look unique, and using mixed media is a fun and creative option. Dawaud from Big Printing has done his fair share of experimentation: From embroidery and appliqué, to remixing fabrics. We speak to him today about what makes an effective mixed media design and how you can achieve one too.

Fashion for the Streets of New York

Growing up in New York, DJ Kinslow has always been surrounded by eclectic fashion statements, inspiring him to kickstart his current apparel business. New York culture and aesthetics have always fed into his practice, allowing him to distinguish what works for a diverse metropolitan city and what appeals to the potential clients around him. In this interview, DJ gives us an insight into the New York fashion scene and how he creates with his city in mind.

The Election T-shirt

We speak to industry veteran, Anthony Corsano about the phenomenon of the election T-shirt. Over his years in the business, he’s seen a whole host of different campaign designs come through for county, state, and even presidential elections. Here he is giving his two cents on the printing and power of the election tee.

Printing for Good

As a child of parents who ran non-profits, Zach Traxler from Traxler Printing has always felt a natural inclination to do good. More often than not, Zach uses his print shop to help nonprofits, give away free shirts for good causes, and find new ways to bring the community together. Today, we talk to Zach who is happy to share his experiences and perspectives on printing for good.

Predictions in 2019 Trends with Lon Winters

Master screen-printer Lon Winters takes us through his predictions for 2019

Adjusting to the Age of Amazon

Building and maintaining a business in the age of Amazon can be intimidating. We turned to printwear pioneer Mark Coudray to get his top tips for navigating the rapidly evolving eCommerce landscape.

The world's most expensive band T-shirts

Fuelled by nostalgia and a passionate collectors market, these sweat-soaked pieces of music history have been commanding sky-high prices at auction.

A Short History of Political T-Shirts

From 'Black Lives Matter' to 'Me Too' and 'Bern Baby Bern', it seems no political movement is complete without its own slogan T-shirt these days. But how did we become a generation so at ease with brandishing our beliefs across our chests?

Origin Stories

Whilst a parent's garage is a popular starting place for many a decorator, there are plenty of T-shirt printers and designers that have rather more unusual origin stories. So we hunted down some of the more unexpected…

How T-shirts Became High Fashion

This trend shows no sign of slowing down, with streetwear designer Virgil Abloh appointed an artistic director of Louis Vuitton, and Ralph Lauren collaborating with iconic streetwear brand Palace. Luxury brands have even started following streetwear brand's operating model - creating one-off items and "drops" to raise the appeal of traditionally low-key pieces, like T-shirts, even higher.

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