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4.3 Oz/SqYd 100% Combed Organic Ring-Spun Cotton

Tech and Innovation

How the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol Is Helping Cotton Farmers Drive Positive Social and Environmental Results

In part one of this series, I talked about the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol, which is farm-level, science-based sustainability program launched by the National Cotton Council, (NCC) in late 2019. Its mission is to create positive outcomes on both social and environmental aspects of U.S. cotton farming. It is also harnessing powerful blockchain and other digital technologies to provide brands and retailers an unprecedented level of supply chain visibility.

Tipping the Scale with Special Effects

Learn how you can use specialty inks and effects to add a little extra pizazz to your T-shirt designs.

7 Expert Tips for Screen Printing on Dark T-shirts

Lots of screen printers think dark shirts are harder to print. However, once you learn the process, the black tee will be your new best friend—and your customers will probably prefer a black tee for standout designs. Learn more from Lon Winters.

Next Generation DTG Printers: Changing the Game

Emerging technology is allowing DTG to better meet customers’ expectations of faster delivery, greater customization and a “retail” look. Michelle Moxley tells us more.

The Digital Evolution and the Future of Screen Printing

Is the future of screen printing threatened by digital printing? Find out more about the impact that digital printing may have on the next generation.

Top Tips for Decorating Face Masks

Lots of screen printers think dark shirts are harder to print. However, once you learn the process, the black tee will be your new best friend—and your customers will probably prefer a black tee for standout designs. Learn more from Lon Winters.

Cashing in on the Heat Press Advantage

If you’re looking for new ways to add value to your services, consider heat pressing your cured screen prints. Learn more.

Tips for Fine-Tuning Your Finished Prints

Learn how to fine tune the finish of your print to be anything from a flat matte to a high gloss.

DTG’s Impact on The Next Generation

Whether you are an established T-shirt screen printer or DTG operation, or you are thinking of starting one, looking ahead and assessing evolving and future screen print industry trends is a smart move.

The Digital Evolution and the Future of Screen Printing – Pt II

Learn how consumer preferences will play a major role in determining the future of screen printing.

Digital Hybrid Printing: Imaging the Possibilities

Learn about the exciting opportunities digital hybrid printing offers and how it allows printers to use special effects in new ways.

My First Experience with DTG Printing

Dave Gardner shares his observations and insights for those who may still be on the fence about investing in DTG printing.

Adapting to the DTG Evolution

Dave Gardner, sees the future of screen printing through the lens of its past.

Reclaiming Screens in Small Shops

Learn all about Jen’s pragmatic approach to reclaiming screens.

Make More Money With Mixed-Media Designs

Based on my experience incorporating social media in my marketing, you are missing out on valuable opportunities if you don’t participate.

A Guide to Pallet Adhesives

Emmy offers some valuable tips on using different pallet adhesives and how to deal with the sticky challenges that might come your way.

Top Embroidery Challenges and How to Solve Them

Marian takes us through some of the biggest challenges she’s faced over her career and all the helpful ways she’s learned to solve them

Sizing and Placing Your Apparel Designs

When you’re creating a design for your customer, deciding on its size and placement can sometimes be as important as the design itself.

How to Perfect DTG Pretreatment

Anyone dabbling in Direct-to-Garment knows about pretreatment, which is an essential part of any DTG print. Applied as a base for your inks, it brings a vibrancy to your colors and enhances the quality of your prints. Nevertheless, pretreating can be a difficult technique to master, especially as there are countless application options out there. DJ Kinslow, DTG expert and founder of Constantly Create, is here today to give us some of the best pretreatment tips he’s c

How To: Glow in the Dark

Emmy Handen, co-founder of Bravo Screen Printing, has worked with a bunch of local businesses and clients who are on the lookout for glow in the dark garments. As one of the simplest specialty techniques around, glow in the dark is far less intimidating than it might seem. Emmy is eager to share her knowledge and tips with us today, in hopes of inspiring other printers to try their hand at this fun and creative technique.

DTG Printing on Difficult Fabrics

DTG printing is traditionally designed for 100% cotton fabrics. This makes printing on anything other than that a bit of a nightmare for the uninitiated. DJ Kinslow from Constantly Create Shop has become quite the pioneer in DTG printing over the years and has learned just about everything it takes to create successful, vibrant designs. DJ is here to give us some hacks and pointers for nailing DTG prints on unconventional fabrics.

The Evolution of Screen Printing Technology

Scott Valancy was first introduced to screen printing during his high school and college summers and very quickly fell in love with the craft. He’s been in the industry ever since, now as the COO of his own company, Tee Shirt Central. With over 30 years of experience under his belt, Scott has witnessed major changes in the way printing businesses use technology. We speak to him today about some of the most significant changes to come from the last few decades.

How To: Reclaim Your Screens

Reclaiming your screens is a process every decorator knows, but might not love. It’s a great way to keep costs down and be a little kinder to the planet, but the process can sometimes be unpleasant or confusing to say the least. Adam Smith, co-founder of Lucky Prints, is here to help us rethink the reclaim process. Sharing his tried and tested tips, he wants to help others reclaim in an easier and more enjoyable way.

Mixed Media Printing

Using a variety of different techniques on one garment is becoming more and more popular. People are always seeking new ways to make their shirts look unique, and using mixed media is a fun and creative option. Dawaud from Big Printing has done his fair share of experimentation: From embroidery and appliqué, to remixing fabrics. We speak to him today about what makes an effective mixed media design and how you can achieve one too.

Streamline Your Business with Better Tech

Zachary Traxler is a big advocate for using technology to improve the way he runs his business. Over his career, he’s discovered so many helpful technological tools that can revolutionize the way you work — saving time, lowering costs, and boosting efficiency. Today, he gives us a rundown of his favorite pieces of technology that could help your business too.

Dan Strickland: A Case for DTG Printing

When Dan Strickland invested in his Kornit Vulcan Direct To Garmet printer, he found a steady increase in production efficiency at his print shop, Garment Gear. We chat to him about some of the benefits of Direct-to-Garment printing and the ways tech could help others in the industry.

Creating Sustainable Business Practices

Mitch Heiman runs Perrin Resort and Collegiate Apparel, a company that prints up to 40,000 shirts a day in a warehouse of approximately 250,000 square feet. Because of the size of his company, his footprint is always at the forefront of Mitch’s mind. Sustainability can seem like a large task to tackle when you’ve got to manage a smooth operation in your print shop, but Mitch is confident that steps towards sustainability can be rather simple.

Keeping Up With Fashion Trends

Every year, we see new fashion trends blossom across the screen printing industry. As a decorator, adapting to this ebb and flow of constantly changing trends can be challenging. Mitch Heiman of Perrin Inc., however, was able to rise to the recent trend of simple designs and basics. He offers us some advice on how we can approach up-and-coming fashion trends, and how to match your processes to make trends easier to handle.

Danny Gruninger on Developing the Inks of the Future

Danny Gruninger is the Willy Wonka of screen-printing. From his Colorado-based studio, Denver Print House, the self-proclaimed 'mad scientist' develops inks at the cutting-edge of the industry. From thermo-activated to color-changing and even bacon scented inks, he's not afraid to take a leap into the unknown in order to offer his clients products no one else can.

How To Print on Fleece Fabrics

Lon Winters shares his advice on printing with fleece for the first time

Predictions in 2019 Trends with Lon Winters

Master screen-printer Lon Winters takes us through his predictions for 2019

Adjusting to the Age of Amazon

Building and maintaining a business in the age of Amazon can be intimidating. We turned to printwear pioneer Mark Coudray to get his top tips for navigating the rapidly evolving eCommerce landscape.

Mad Specials Gallery

Milosje de Groot of the Mad Specials shop is a third generation screen printer from Amsterdam. While de Groot won't reveal just how he creates his effects, he hopes that sharing them will inspire others to explore new techniques of their own.

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