Dylan Gilligan, Upstate Merch
  • 4.5 Oz/SqYd
  • 100% Polyester
  • 4.5 Oz/SqYd
  • 100% Polyester


Dylan Gilligan

From starting his own button business for bands, to a three-automatic shop with 12 employees, Dylan Gilligan, Upstate Merch, Whitney Point, N.Y., has learned a lot since 2009 when he first got started in the business.

Within a year of starting up his company, it was bursting at the seams, and Gilligan found and purchased an old train station in town. Over the years, he completely renovated the building to include an automated screen room and all the equipment and supplies needed to offer screen printing, embroidery, direct to film, vinyl and screen-printed transfers.

Upstate Merch caters to a variety of businesses, but its biggest niches include breweries, comic bookstores, tradespeople, and touring entertainment that includes bands and comedians. The company is known for its stellar customer service and attention to detail as well as high-color prints and simulated process printing.

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