Pete Seow Jr, Easy Did It, Atlanta
  • 4.5 Oz/SqYd
  • 100% Polyester
  • 4.5 Oz/SqYd
  • 100% Polyester


Pete Seow Jr

After 20 years in the decorated apparel industry, Peter Seow launched his own company, Easy Did It, Atlanta, in 2021 with an eye to “becoming a resource to the next generation of printers and creatives.” His home-based shop offers screen printing, sublimation and vinyl. Peter loves to incorporate his family into his work but for the time being, is a one-man show.

His business focuses on small businesses, schools and nonprofit organizations, and he sets himself apart offering water-based color-changing inks, custom neon lights, and custom resin pieces. Easy Did It, estimates he prints an average of between 200 – 500 pieces a day and specializes in hand-printed decorated products.

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