• 4.3 Oz/SqYd
  • 100% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton
  • 4.3 Oz/SqYd
  • 100% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton
About Us

About Us

The printwear industry is a dynamic space driven by successful risk-takers, dreamers and artists with distinct opinions and perspectives. In such an equitable environment it can be challenging to discern one truth from another.

Created by Gildan, the Board of Decorators™ is a resource, providing invaluable business-related insight through thought-provoking, inspiring and educational content created for decorators by decorators. One voice, created from many.

At the helm of The Board of Decorators™ will be a consortium of 10 industry voices selected from a broad cross-section of the printwear space. Tapped for their extensive experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and distinctive point of view, the members help to create this website’s directional content.

This is the Board of Decorators™

  • Chairman


    Chairman of the Board of Decorators™

    Joining ANVIL® in 1980 he worked his way up to become the President and CEO. In 2012 he led the sale of ANVIL® to Gildan for $88 million and then spent 6 years as SVP of Gildan Lifestyle Brands. He’s now the President & COO at Bolt Printing.

Board Members Chosen from our Call for Applicants

  • Board Member


    Member of the Board & Owner of ShineOn Designs

    Jen Badger is the owner of ShineOn Designs. Since 2013, Jen has grown ShineOn Designs from a small, part-time screen printing company located in the basement of her house to a full-service custom apparel business in a commercial location in the Main Street district of Jefferson, Iowa. Jen and her staff have a mission to make their customers’ inner lights shine on through the service and high quality products they provide.

  • Board Member


    Board Member and Vice President of Bravo Screen Printing

    Emmy originally followed her mother into the business, helping with her line of peace and justice themed shirts. Now, Bravo Screen Printing, the company she helped start in 2001, has succeeded by offering fair and transparent pricing coupled with a genuine dedication to customer service.

Board Member

  • Dennis (DJ) Kinslow

    Dennis (DJ)Kinslow

    President - Constantly Create

    Dennis (DJ) Kinslow is a relative newcomer to the printwear industry who is serious about providing amazing customer service. His incubator like shop takes care of the logistics so that designers can focus simply on creating their best possible product. Whether the client needs to be set-up for Shopify or wants fulfillment services DJ's operation has it covered.
    DJ loves the industry because it not only allows him to constantly create but also to pay it forward by helping new designers to build their brands.

  • Board Member Dawaud Muhammad


    Owner Big Printing T-Shirt Company LLC

    Dawaud (pronounced DAH-WOO) has accumulated over 20 years of supplying the independent streetwear market with award winning embellishment techniques, expertise in branding, and aesthetic aptitude that provides professional solutions for independent brands. Searching for his way into the industry, Dawaud launched his own line at the age of 19. As a young designer and entrepreneur, he created a brand that became a staple in Oakland San Francisco Bay Area Streetwear market. That experience, along with his formal education in graphic design, laid the foundation for Big Printing Textile Company, which now prints for over 1500 brands worldwide. Today BPTC partners with UBM fashion to bring streetwear to Sourcing at MAGIC, one of the largest fashion tradeshows in the world. As an award winning and globally recognized screenprinting and decorating shop, Big Printing and Dawaud continue to define Urban Streetwear across the country and worldwide.

  • Board Member - Adam Smith


    Member of the Board & Owner of LuckyPrints

    Adam has been screenprinting since he was in high school when he worked at his brother's shop over weekends and holidays. Eventually, he moved to Chicago where he opened his own shop. Now seven years later, he employs seven staff and specializes in helping to identify areas of opportunity for growth in his clients’ merchandising and retail streams.
    Adam finds the process of collaborating with his clients very rewarding and enjoys making an impact on the community around him.

Our First 5 Board Members

  • Board Member


    Member of the Board & President/CEO of Logo Droppers Inc.

    Marian has been working in the apparel/printing industry for 15 years. She purchased Logo Droppers as a small company and has helped grow its size 10 fold. Marian's detail to quality control has nick named her "Eagle Eye" at work and is not afraid to tell prospective customers. Marian has developed customer obsession among the employees and a fun/friendly atmosphere to work in. Marian's greatest accomplishment is saying, "some of my employees have been with me for over 10 years"

  • Board Member


    Member of the Board & President of Perrin Sportswear

    Mitch has worked in the printwear industry since 1990 and has been the president of Perrin Sportswear since 2006. His formal education in graphic design and passion for color and design give him a unique perspective. Mitch is a strong believer in relationships, and attributes Perrin’s success to the continued investment in Perrin’s people, partnerships and community.

  • Board Member


    Member of the Board & President of Garment Gear Inc.

    Dan’s printwear career began in 1986 while still in high school in Panama City, Florida. At first the focus was on embroidery but that shop soon began offering screen printing and he thoroughly enjoyed the more creative outflow screen printing allowed and became focused on learning the trade. In 1991 he moved on to a sales position with a Pensacola, Florida based company that sold embellished apparel while he attended college studying Marketing & Communications. After spending almost 10 years in sales, he and his brother Dallas decided to combine their talents ( Dallas graduated with a major in Painting from Savannah College of Art & Design ) and opened Garment Gear in January of 2000. Since then the brothers have focused on bringing quality decorated apparel to their clients. Dan’s excited about working with the Board of Decorators to create meaningful content for the decorator community.

  • Board Member


    Member of the Board & Partner/COO at TSC MIami

    Scott’s career in printwear has spanned 25 years. Since 2008 he’s been a partner and COO of TSC Miami, a provider of customized private label solutions for legacy brands, licensing companies, retailers and e-tailers. There he manages the complete operations and systems in the company’s corporate offices and seven day per week screen print and DTG facility located in Miami, Florida. Scott has sat on several committees for major brands and large retail partners to provide direction and expertise in the area of supply chain improvements. These improvements were focused on speed to market and plant efficiencies. He also holds certifications on Lean Development. Scott is looking forward to working with the Board of Decorators to facilitate learning and innovation within the printwear industry

  • Board Member


    Board Member & CEO of Traxler Printing

    Zachary grew up around the printing business and in 2010 opened his own operation - Traxler Printing, with 2 locations and 40 employees. Zach is an expert at using social media to promote his products and services. In 2018 he was invited by Facebook to become a Facebook Small Business Council Member. Traxler Printing supports it's community and regional economy by employing a diverse range of people, whenever possible sourcing only from other Ohio based businesses and donating to local causes (to date more than half-a-million dollars).